About the Course

Most Americans choose cremation when they die, but what their loved ones then do with those cremated remains varies widely. In this course, we will learn what cremation is, the types of cremation available, and why people choose to be cremated. We will also discuss different options for the disposition of cremated remains, including environmentally friendly choices, and we will learn about alternative ideas for memorialization with cremated remains. 


  1. Introduction
  2. What is cremation and why do people choose it?
  3. Disposition of Cremated Remains
  4. Products Made with Cremated Remains
  5. Creating Meaning
  6. Conclusion & Next Steps


Green Burial Council & Life Forest Conservation Cemetery

Dr. Caitlyn Hauke

Caitlyn Hauke, PhD is the former President of the Board of Directors of the Green Burial Council International, a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to inspire and advocate for environmentally sustainable, natural death care through education and certification. Caitlyn is also the Director of Strategic Planning and Development at Life Forest, a conservation cemetery in Hillsborough, New Hampshire that offers burial of cremains and composted remains along with the planting of a tree in a forest setting. Caitlyn has an educational background in forensic science, biology, and infectious disease. Her passion for green burial alternatives and compassionate deathcare is fueled by her own life experiences and her desire to educate others on their end-of-life options.

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