"Welcome the Inevitable and Live a Better Life" is an 8-week course for professionals and anyone interested in learning from death with instructor Charlotte Nuessle, BSc.

Millions of years of evolution taught our brains and bodies to fight, flight, and shut down when we perceive danger. Even if it’s not there. Whether we’re aware of it or not. 

These responses are about survival, ultimately to protect us from death. But death is inevitable.

We can change how we respond by listening to and understanding our body's built in signals meant to protect us from danger. This course is about living fully, integrating the inevitable in supportive community.

 After taking this course, you’ll:

  • Recognize how your body perceives danger - and learn how to create new choices
  • Respect the strong pull of survival responses - and have more compassion for yourself and others
  • Embody connection in everyday life - and strengthen relationships with clients and loved ones in loss and grief
  • Understand your own story about death - and live a more balanced life

Your Instructor


Charlotte Nuessle

46 years of personal practice in yoga and transformational lifestyle; 30 years guiding experiential learning through gentle yoga, breath, self-awareness and loving kindness; 26 years happily married…. I’ve been a consultant with AARP Oregon, and Providence Medford Medical Center. I’ve guided Trauma Informed Yoga groups for those managing PTSD. An internationally certified yoga therapist through IAYT, with BSc in gerontology, I offered adaptive yoga/body-based & mindfulness practices in senior living communities for 20 years. From 1976, I dedicated 19.5 years in service at Kripalu Center, culminating as Yoga faculty for four years. Part of the wave that landed yoga, meditation, personal development and holistic health in our mainstream culture. My cutting edge work blends three wisdom approaches: strengthen inner resources of resilience; evidence-based understandings re: our nervous system; therapeutic yoga applications. My passion is to facilitate transformation individually and in small group circles where authentic body/mind integration happens live and virtually live. Let’s roll up our sleeves!

Jamie - Ashland, Oregon

Resilience Circle

"It is hard to say what is the best part because there were so many parts that made the experience so powerful. Charlotte's compassionate presence, in-depth knowledge, authentic sharing of her human experience and skillful facilitation."

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